Class-leading performance with less distortion than ever before

Class-leading performance with less distortion than ever before post thumbnail image

Monitor Audio Silver 7G is the 7th generation of this excellent speaker range. With clean lines and elegant proportions, the Silver Series 7G is built for all types of home interiors – from classic to contemporary. Real wood veneer, including new ash and natural walnut options, gives a natural look like it sounds.

Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G

The Monitor Audio Silver 50 7G is an entry-level bookshelf speaker designed for outstanding performance that makes it perfect for confined spaces. The speaker is of a 2-way design with a crossover frequency of 2.6khz and features a 5 1/4″ bass/mid driver and a 1″ (25mm) high-frequency driver for perfectly crisp pure clarity. The mid/bass driver features updated cone geometry inspired by bronze 6G engineering combined with uniform dispersion waveguides to deliver superior performance across the setup. In addition, the tweeter trims have been upgraded to compliment the cabinet finish and the safety dispersion pattern has been upgraded with a new pattern and is made from stainless steel.

Monitor Audio Silver 100 7G

The Silver 100 is the largest bookshelf speaker in the Monitor Audio Silver range. This Silver sits with a wider frequency range above the 50 and is just below the larger floor of the 200 model. This new and improved 100 replaces the 7G 6G with great new features, including an overhauled RST II driver design and an enhanced modern look that will fit wonderfully among an array of interior design settings.

Like the 50 7G, the 100 7G is a 2-way system with a lower crossover of 2.3 kHz. The bottom bass driver is configured in a bass-reflex setup with a unique HiVe II port system. The high-frequency driver has grown in size, from 25mm in the Silver 6G design to 28.5mm in this range. High power handling is at the forefront of design leading to low compression. The 50 7G also features a new compression ring designed to increase tweeter sensitivity in frequencies above 10 kHz – making high fidelity output crisp, no matter the conditions.

Monitor Audio Silver 200 7G

The Monitor Audio 200 7G is the smallest floor-standing model in the range, sitting above the bookshelf speakers and just below the larger floor of the 300 model. Because of its small footprint, it’s perfect for small spaces where you want more output power than a bookshelf speaker, while still taking up minimal space.

The 7G range gets a redesigned magnet structure, rear chamber design and surround feature. It also features a new motor structure, surround venting with improved surround material, single bolt-through technology and an acoustically transparent diffusion/hexagonal pattern grille. This ensures that the audio is uninterrupted as it passes through the grille while maintaining a stylish and modern exterior.

The Silver 200 7G is developed from the previous range with the same compression ring around and above the dome, increasing the tweeter sensitivity in frequencies above 10kHz. The driver setup is an advanced 2.5-way configuration compared to previous models in this range. This provides greater depth and richness to the speaker’s overall sound, along with greater separation within the frequency range.

Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G

The Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G is the mid-level model in the floor standing category for the Monitor Audio Silver 7G series. The main difference with the 300 is its true 3-way design with dedicated bass, mid and high frequency drives. There are two 6″ RST II bass drivers taking care of the bass frequencies for a rich warm sound. Mid-range is delivered by a single 3″ RST II mid driver that drops the high frequencies to a 1″ (25 mm) gold dome C-CAM tweeter with a new and improved UD waveguide system. The 3-way system is perfect for large venues such as home cinemas or large music halls because the sound separation and overall roundness are far superior to other setups.

Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G

The Monitor Audio Silver 500 sits above the Silver 50 7G and Silver 100 7G bookshelf models in the Monitor Audio Silver 7G range, and the Silver 200 7G and Silver 300 7G below the smaller floor-standing models. The 500 7G Silver is the best speaker in the 7G line.

It has a better mid-range with the use of RST II. This includes the new hexagon reinforcement pattern, allowing for a smoother, lower deformation driver. The cone geometry has taken inspiration from the Bronze 6G development with further improvements. The diameter, increased to 5.25 inches, is now 28.5 mm. Restored in a true three-way configuration, the 500 has a high power of 250 watts, making it perfect for the largest indoor spaces, ventilated when needed and for excellent in the entire frequency range up to high frequencies. Clarity.

Beyond that, the crossover design is the key to the speaker’s performance. The Silver 7G implements a combination of third-order filters for all tweeter classes, with a combination of second and third on the bass and midrange drivers. The 500 7G doesn’t disappoint when it comes to looks with wood finish options made using premium genuine wood veneer material. The updated tweeter trim design pairs perfectly with the cabinet finish.

Monitor Audio Silver Fx 7G Effect Speaker

The Monitor Audio Silver FX 7G now features a rear channel option and updated magnetic grilles making it ideal for home cinema systems. This Impact speaker has been upgraded for the 7G series with a significant aesthetic upgrade that drops the previous design grille pegs and now features a magnetic grille for the first time on the Silver FX line. Key features include additional reinforcement, less distortion at 1.5kHz, a larger 35mm voice coil and surround size reduction that avoids resonance in the critical mid-frequency region.

Monitor Audio Silver 7G AMS

The Monitor Audio Silver 7G Atmos speakers are designed to slot perfectly on top of the Silver 300 7G from the Silver Series. This Atmos speaker features a specially designed horn profile and tweeter design for Dolby Atmos loudspeaker needs. It has a fully upgraded wrap-around grille frame, which has been designed to pair flawlessly with the Silver 300 7G grille.

Monitor Audio Silver 7G

We also offer a variety of Monitor Audio Silver 7G packages for home cinema, including the 200 and 300 5.1 or 7.1.2 surround configurations.

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