Dali Katch G2 wireless speaker joins the Katch series

Dali Katch G2 wireless speaker joins the Katch series post thumbnail image

Dali Catch G2 The wireless speaker brings a facelift to the range and offers exciting new features including longer battery life and better connectivity options.

Dali Catch Series

The original Dali Catch won What Hi-Fi “Product of the Year” 2016. Basic features include multiple listening profiles, Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-X, controlled bass for action-packed movies, and various wall-mounted options. The new and improved Dali Catch G2 takes the game further while maintaining the core features of the original.

Features of Dali Catch G2

The Dali Katch G2 brings new meaning to wireless portable speakers. The new G2 packs a massive 3300mAh battery at 2600mAh, which delivers an impressive 24 hours of battery life, which means you can enjoy your day without worrying about your battery life. In addition, the new G2 brings better connectivity with the updated Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

You can connect analog sources via the stereo mini-jack input. Plus with a USB charge output, you can play a Chromecast Audio dongle for easy home network integration. One interesting feature of the G2 is the ability to link 2 products together and create a true stereo sound for larger spaces achieving a thicker and more rounded sound, further improving the G2’s already great quality.

Dali Catch G2 Amplifier

Powering the new G2 is a fully digital Class D amplifier delivering 2x25w RMS power to dual drivers. Powering the low frequencies is an LF passive driver, steel cone and two standard 3.5″ aluminum cone drivers. High frequencies are produced by two 21mm soft textile dome tweeters that deliver crisp and clear frequencies throughout.

This combination of drivers and power amplifiers delivers an impressive maximum audio output of 95dB and an absolute frequency of 49Hz to 23kHz, meaning no part of your audio will be lost in translation between your device and your ears.

end option

To suit your individual taste and decor, the Dali Catch G2 comes in three finishes; Iron Black, Chili Blue and Caramel White. It is also equipped with a matching genuine leather strap.

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