Focal 1000 Series Exceptional Custom Install Speakers

Focal 1000 Series Exceptional Custom Install Speakers post thumbnail image

Focal 1000 The series is a beautiful amalgamation of professionally installed speakers which are modern in appearance along with applying the latest technology and design elements. The range includes both subwoofer and wall/ceiling mounted models.

Focal 100 Technique

The Focal 1000 range is equipped with state-of-the-art focal technologies such as IAL beryllium tweeters, state-of-the-art ‘W’ cones, OPC filtering and adjustable aluminum midrange and tweeter support.

Focal 1000 Wall Models and Subwoofers

Wall-mounted models include the full range, both LCR and sub-models that all fit snugly into your integrated wall and give a modern sleek finish. The Sub-Model (1000 IWSUB) is a dynamic warm sounding subwoofer that integrates into the wall, making it perfect for installs and smaller spaces. IWSUB is passive and features Utopia Series technology to produce powerful low-ends. The IWLCR6, IWLCR5 and IWLCR are both LCR speakers and are designed with installation in mind.

IWLCR is designed for left, right and middle channels; It is the largest in-wall speaker in the 1000 range with the option to add multiple IWSUBs to a single channel and features 4 x 16.5cm ‘W’ cone bass drivers, 2 x 8cm ‘W’ cone ‘M’-shaped midrange speakers . and a 27mm pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter.

Lastly, the IW6 is an established wall mounted full range speaker. The IW6 rear channel is great for in-wall speaker channels, making it the smallest in-wall speaker in the Focal 1000 range, sitting below the IWLCR6.

Focal 1000 Ceiling Model

The ICA6 and ICW6 are two ceiling mounted speakers that are in the install range. ICA6 is designed for discrete installation. Similar to ICW6 but with driver tilt option for optimized performance. It has a 16.5cm ‘W’ midrange/bass and 25mm pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter. The ICW6 is a fully integrated solution for high quality, audiophile-grade home cinema sound.

Lastly, the ICLCR5 is a 3-way in-ceiling loudspeaker designed for use as an LCR front or rear speaker. This is the largest ceiling speaker in Focal’s 1000 custom install range. The IW6 and ICW6 both use a square and circular magnetic grille are supplied so you can cover the drivers for discrete and seamless integration with your living room. All ceiling speakers can be installed with ease and speed due to the quick install system, requiring no tools.

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