KEF E Series of In-Ceiling Speakers

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KEF E Series Ceiling Speakers Ceiling Speakers deliver great audio quality while maintaining a cost-effective solution. The award-winning series showcases KEF’s high standards of design and performance. The speakers’ architectural elements allow for seamless integration into any space.

All the speakers in the range are manufactured as per weather resistant construction standards. For example, the grilles are coated through a proprietary process and the speakers include a moisture-resistant finish and finish material, the plastics are UV protected, so you can use these speakers safely in applications such as bathrooms and kitchens. can do.

KEF E Series – CI130ER

The Ci130ER is the first model in the series that offers amazing quality at an affordable price. The CI130ER features UTB Ultra Thin Bezels which gives a smart and streamlined look at all times. Delivering great audio is a two-way audio system with a 130mm Uni-Q driver array to cover the low and mid frequencies and a 16mm aluminum dome tweeter for precise and detailed high frequencies.

KEF E Series – CI160ER

Next in line is the Ci160ER. This model has an ultra-low mounting depth of only 36mm which makes it easy to install in even the most challenging places where most ordinary ceiling speakers fail. The speaker also uses an ultra-low profile LF unit with excellent bass extension that allows for a good compromise between low soaring depth and extended bass response. The low-frequency driver is 115mm (4.5″) and consists of double layers with a 25mm aluminum high-frequency driver. The front of the unit features a paintable ultra-thin bezel (UTB) and magnetic grille that allows it to blend in unobtrusively with the decor.

KEF E Series – CI200ER

The CI200ER ceiling speaker features KEF’s own Uni-Q drivers that allow sound to be spread more evenly over large spaces. Also, like the Ci160, the mounting depth is less at 97.3mm. The Ci200ER also features an odd tweeter island that delivers a wonderfully wide off-axis response for a wider listening area. The Ci200ER is fitted with a 200mm low-frequency driver and a 16mm medium-sized high-frequency dome tweeter. The recommended amplifier power for this model is between 10 and 125w.

KEF E Series – CI160ES

Lastly, we have the Ci160ES, this speaker has a 160mm low frequency driver for smooth warm bass notes, it works with a 16mm dome tweeter to deliver a rounded and full sound from above. Again the generous mounting depth of 85.2mm allows ample space to develop remarkable bass within the driver while compromising on space for an easy installation. The Ci160’s coverage is superb at 110 degrees to allow for the widest dispersion of sound around your chosen installed location.

KEF E Series

KEF E Series Summary

The range delivers great sound quality at all times while respecting the surroundings. Speakers can be painted to match. Furthermore, a careful balance has been struck between install depth and driver size, allowing for great sound quality and easy install methods for low depth ceilings.

If you have a really shallow depth on your ceiling, the Ci160ER is just for you with an ultra-low mounting depth of just 36mm. The Ci200ER has the largest driver size, so this model is ideal if you want to cover a large space or playback at high volumes.

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