Open and Closed Headphones: What’s the Difference?

Open and Closed Headphones: What’s the Difference? post thumbnail image

There are many different types of audio headwear. We’re all aware of the difference between headphones and earphones – but this divide goes even further. When we talk about headphones, what do we really mean? When you’re looking to buy your next pair, you may be faced with the terms open and closed headphones. To help you make the right choice, and understand your audio equipment better, we are going to analyze all these terms and more in this article.

open the headphones

With this version, the casing of the headphone shell is perforated and thus air-permeable. So open headphones are lighter, which makes them more comfortable to wear. In addition, your ears are well ventilated and You hear a slight cracking sound with very good spatial imaging, However, the music is audible from outside, and even the sounds from outside are seldom lacking. It is therefore recommended that you use open headphones at home or in an undisturbed environment – ​​for example, not on a bus or train.

closed headphones

These headphones are completely enclosed, so less air-permeable and a bit bulky too. On the other hand, external noise is greatly reduced and the music is usually not audible to others or only minimally. For even stronger isolation of outside noise, some headphones offer so-called active noise cancellation. The difference in sound is especially noticeable in the bass compared to the open version, which is even more powerful when the headphones are turned off. Closed headphones should only be worn where you don’t have to pay attention to ambient noise – that is, never in traffic.

semi-open headphones

It’s a mix of open and closed headphones. Semi-open headphones are less permeable to air and sound (both inside and out) because they use different materials and have a tighter fit. They are more comfortable to wear than many discontinued models. This makes the semi-open model a good agreement The solution when you want to enjoy music peacefully and peacefully on the go or at home.

In-Ear, On-Ear, Over-Ear: Headphones at the Tuffel Shop

Which Headphones Are Right For You? find out with us headphone comparison,

Real talk: Closed Headphones by Teufel

In Teufel’s Berlin office, closed headphones real pure either true blue nc are popular. No wonder: who wants to annoy their colleagues with the constant noise from their headphones? It is also good for concentration if ambient noise is suppressed.

Genuine Pure: Closed over-ear headphones with open sound

were real pure Open Real is the successor. For further development, we’ve worked hard on the sound to get the most open, airy sound possible in a closed system. Result: The sound is absolutely accurate, very open and yet noise is eliminated. The sound is detailed and transparent, the bass broad and defined. The ventilated rear chamber also ensures a climate-free reproduction. Suitable for all music genres – and even for spectacle wearers thanks to the great padding.
as bluetooth headphones, true blue Offers greater freedom of movement thus allowing not only wireless music listening and telephone but also smart voice control and music streaming. The design is no different from the real pure.
were true blue nc It has the same features as the original Blue, but comes with additional active noise reduction. Aircraft noise, open-plan offices, construction work nearby – nothing bothers you! And thanks to Bluetooth, you’re also extremely flexible.
all our Headphones in comparison.

Massive Reloaded – Hi-Fi Headphones for Bass Lovers

Closed Headphones - TEUFEL MASSIVE - Product Image
Teufel MASSIVE: Closed Headphones with Extra Strong Bass

Compared to the model of the real series, tufel massive There’s an even warmer sound with even stronger bass – so it’s predisposed to electronic music. Due to the closed construction, very little sound enters both inside and outside. MASSIVE assures with a rich, filling bass, the 50mm drivers ensure distortion-free playback even at high volumes. Ideal for noisy environments, such as DJ’s. The workmanship is sturdy, of general high quality and very comfortable.
We have developed cage Specifically for gamers: The 40mm Linear HD drivers produce a balanced sound – for gaming as well as listening to music and watching movies. Plus, the CAGE can play virtual surround sound – so you can really enjoy the gaming world and always hear where the next opponent lurks. All this without irritating sweaty ears – thanks to the ventilation openings – and with a unique feel: all the elements of the Cage are designed in such a way that you can operate them effortlessly even in complete darkness Huh.

even more for gamers

Mini-Soundbar Cinnabar One

Conclusion: Teufel wears closed over-ear headphones

  • Over-ear headphones are available in open, closed and semi-open designs.
  • Closed headphones have the advantage that they reduce noise to the outside and outside. They also reproduce more defined bass than open headphones.
  • Whether noise-canceling, Bluetooth or gaming headset: no wish goes unfulfilled with our over-ear model.

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