Optimal setup for your multimedia loudspeakers

Optimal setup for your multimedia loudspeakers post thumbnail image

Installing a multimedia loudspeaker system is similar to setting up a stereo system or home cinema system. Using a PC you can get amazing results, even if you are limited for space in the front room. We’re going to show you how you can get the most out of your multimedia sound system.

2.1 Setting up the Multimedia Set

Front speakers are placed equally spaced left and right next to the monitor or mounted on the wall behind the desk. you should do Try to keep the maximum distance between the seating area and the speaker, Ideally, the front speakers should be at head height. In general, however, a set-up height between 0.80 and 1.60 m will give good results. If the speakers are far below head height, you should raise them slightly in the front so that they radiate toward the head.

Speaker stands are another option. Their advantage is that the speakers do not take up any space on the desk. If room conditions allow it, place them behind a desk. The greater distance from the listening position brings you closer to the ideal dimensions of the stereo triangle.

Installing a subwoofer doesn’t require that much thought. Just be sure not to place it in a place that could vibrate nearby objects. So instead of putting something down, it’s better to put it on the side. But you can always test it, and move it if necessary.

Even compact soundbars can be used as a multimedia system on a PC.

Die Aufstelung Eins 5.1-Multimedia-Sets

A front loudspeaker is required for a 5.1 home cinema system, but a center loudspeaker can also work. It is set up for voice playback. This means that the speaker should, when possible, be installed just below the TV and at head height so that the sound and image are in harmony with each other.

5.1 The rear speakers or surround speakers of a multimedia set are ideally placed behind the listener on each side. Unlike front-facing speakers, surround satellite speakers do not have to be placed at the top level of the listener., You can get the best listening experience with an altitude between 1.40-1.80 meters. Another important factor to consider when setting up your system is that the rear speakers should be at least one meter away from the listening position (often the couch).

The unique setup of satellite speakers enables their unique ability to deliver an immersive sound experience. They should create a spatial sound effect. Such an impression is more likely to be obtained if the sound waves reach the ear not directly but indirectly through the reflection of the sound from the walls.

teufel multiroom loudspeaker

tufel stereo l

Die Aufstelung Eins 7.1-Multimedia-Sets

The 7.1 set is the most complex of the traditional surround sound formats. With a 7.1 setup, two additional effects loudspeakers are required behind the listening area. Through additional channels the sounds in the room can be heard in more detail and better portrayed. You can configure different loudspeakers based on their position, ensuring that they deliver immersive sound from behind or from the sides. This sound setup can be really enjoyed by video game players, especially in shooter games.

The rear surround loudspeakers should ideally be placed at the same height as the rear speakers. The distance between Effekt loudspeakers should be the same in 7.1 setup. To produce truly spatial and immersive sound, two additional loudspeakers Don’t aim directly at the listening situation,

tip: The surround sound system must be supported by the sound card. This often makes it possible to compensate for the resulting difference in running times in unbalanced loudspeaker set-up and setting options.

You don’t play with bad sound – multimedia all-rounder from Tufel

subwoofer des 5.1-sets concept e mit jangam maan mit smartphone in der hand.
The Concept E is a true multimedia component that can be operated wirelessly through your phone.

I Cinnabar One+: Our most compact soundbar is the best solution where space is at a premium. With a width of 35cm and a depth of 11cm, it fits easily between keyboard and monitor. Four speakers are built into the soundbar’s housing: two of them facing the front and two of them on the side. In combination with Dynamore technology, it creates an impressive spatial sound. An integrated USB sound card polishes off the flat sound of the onboard card, too. The associated sub can be controlled wirelessly, and Bluetooth aptX is on board as well.
I Concept E450 Digital: Ideal Complete System for Consoles and PCs – The 5.1 set contains a compact 2-way satellite and a subwoofer that perfectly meets the needs of the gamer. At a cut-off frequency of 32Hz, it rocks home with bass. You can make all the important settings on the display of the sub: from level adjustment to format selection. Supported formats include Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II.

The sound that gamers love

Brief essentials for multimedia loudspeakers:

  • The two front speakers should be placed at an equal distance from the monitor.
  • The distance between the front speaker and the seat should be as wide as possible. The distance from the speaker stand may increase.
  • The position of the subwoofer can be selected independently; It is recommended that it be placed next to the desk.
  • 5.1 Set effects loudspeakers are located at the edge of the listening area and should not be aimed directly at it.
  • The 7.1 system’s two additional speakers must be located behind or in front of the rear wall behind the listening area.

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