The Ellipson Legacy flagship speaker series delivers a timeless feeling

The Ellipson Legacy flagship speaker series delivers a timeless feeling post thumbnail image

Ellipson Legacy The range is loaded with ‘timeless emotion’ and has great sound quality across all models. Established in 1938, the brand continues to create unique and classic designs like the Landmark 60V21, BS 50 and 502. This was followed by the 4240 Millennium in 2001, the Signature 201 in 2004 and the current Legacy range.

Why Ellipson Legacy Series?

All 3 speakers in the series have an Air Motion Transformer tweeter. The AMT driver uses a manifold along its entire length to increase the contact area with the air, as well as to provide higher velocities at reproduced frequencies. By pinching the air between its folds, the speed of the expelled air is greatly improved, which improves the momentary response. In addition, the Legacy range of cabinets are made from MDF, which is approximately 22 to 25 mm thick. Covered with wood veneer, they have internal support to strengthen the speaker and counteract echo.

Ellipson Legacy 3210 Speakers

The Legacy 3210 is a 2-way designed stand-mount speaker pair. The smallest speakers in the legacy range, they are housed in a thick MDF cabinet and feature an AMT tweeter. The 3210 comes loaded with a 6½” mid-bass aluminum cone driver that is covered with a thin ceramic layer. This results in a cone that is lightweight, rigid and able to move air efficiently to produce a respectable output power of 100W.

Ellipson Legacy 3220 Speakers

The 150W Legacy 3220 is the smaller of two floor-standing speakers in Ellipson’s Legacy range, sitting above the 3210 stand-mount model and below the larger 3230-floor stander. Driving the 3220 are two 6½” mid-bass ceramic-coated aluminum drivers—these drivers are perfectly matched, lightweight, rigid, and capable of maneuvering air efficiently. In addition, a large voice coil is powered by a powerful neodymium magnet for rapid and reactive lows. The crisp highs come from the upgraded Ruban AMT driver.

Ellipson Legacy 3230 Speakers

The Elipson Legacy 3230 is the flagship speaker in Elipson’s Legacy range and features a 3-way design. These include a tall cabinet housing for the LF drivers and a circular cabinet on top for the high and mid. The 3320 is heavily influenced by Ellipson’s innovative designs of the past 60 years, drawing ideas from models such as the La Religious speaker.

This flagship model is packed with two 210mm low-frequency aluminum surfaced cellulose pulp drivers, which are designed to deliver low distortion. A 160mm ceramic driver and AMT ribbon tweeter, providing mid-range and height, are housed in a circular cabinet mounted on top.

Elipson’s Legacy 3230 speakers come with a black cloth speaker grille that attaches to the driver units by a magnet system if you want to cover them up. They also come with four decoupling spikes and four counter-spikes per speaker for maximum stability.

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