You can easily survive in the home office with these 7 tips

You can easily survive in the home office with these 7 tips post thumbnail image

At present, the doors of fitness studios around the world are closed. This puts many people in the position of not being able to play in their familiar surroundings. So that your daily life isn’t just dictated by your home office, we give you seven helpful home workout tips and show how sports enthusiasts can still get their money’s worth.

perfect warming up

It’s difficult to walk or cycle at home. Alternative skipping rope jumping can be recommended only to a limited extent in apartments. If you live within thin walls and want to take special care of your neighbors, you may want to consider other exercises: Alternately raising the knees and lifting the arms down and up in opposite directions just a few After seconds the pulse rate will increase markedly. The warm-up unit can be accelerated with a light weight in the hands. A quick run or a light jump on the spot also boosts your circulation. Row with your arms. After five to ten minutes you will be ready to start with the right training.

Use existing sports equipment

Your ergometer or cross-trainer has been living a sad existence in the laundry room for many years? Pull-up bars in door frames only occasionally used to hang clothes hangers? Gymnastics ball collecting dust in the basement? stop it! Gather all the fitness-appropriate items with which you can diversify your training. Many exercises can be done exclusively with elastic gymnastic bands or sets of dumbbells.

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get as much fresh air as possible

Do you have your own garden, terrace or balcony? Perfectly fine. Use sports as an opportunity to get some fresh air. Especially now, when the sun comes out more often, exercising outside creates a new sense of health. If you don’t have such a thing in your home, open windows at regular intervals to make sure your rooms are well ventilated and have enough oxygen. Avoid exercising in stuffy air.

be inventive

Well, it should be clear to everyone that you can also use carpet instead of yoga mat. Plus, everyone knows the basics like push-ups, squats or crunches. Some might call them push-ups, squats and crunches, but the principle remains the same.

But what do you know about other exercises from the gym? For example, you love pull-ups, a great exercise that requires multiple muscles at once, but you’re missing the pull-up bar? Look for options. It can be a climbing frame, the crossbar of an attic apartment, a massive fabric pole or even a sturdy door frame.

Your creativity knows no bounds: You don’t have any dumbbells to lift? But you must have two bottles to fill water. It’s still too easy for you? How about two chairs instead? No barbell for bench press or cross lifting? How about a full drink crate instead? Is it still too easy for you as an experienced gym user? Then take another crate or better just increase the number of repetitions – or try lifting another person. The next step will show you how to do this.

game for two

Be it a roommate, life partner or family member. Working out with a training partner is at least twice as much fun. Many exercises can be done simultaneously, such as in a team squad: a form of sit-up where two trainers face each other and hold each other’s wrists to hold each other while both individuals When the weight is reduced, it slides backwards. ,

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The other person’s weight can also be a decisive added value to weight training. Try to have your training partner on your shoulders while you kneel. Additional bodyweight means more intense muscle load and can be integrated at many points in your training.

Bonus tip for all parents: Letting kids participate in your workouts in a playful way not only makes for fun family action but also helps kids get rid of their excess energy. After such sporty childcare, it is also very easy to take them to bed in the evening.

make it a challenge

How many push ups can you do? Do your daily workout and challenge your friends. This will not only motivate you to improve your performance but will also motivate your social environment.

It’s time for a challenge!

Tips for Extra Training Success

There are other ways to customize your training with a few small adjustments: With your favorite music, every exercise is easier, because training is more fun with extra attention. Stretching after sports ensures that you not only become fitter but also more flexible. Meditation helps you gain a deeper understanding of your body and your needs. Ultimately, you can improve your fitness with a balanced and healthy diet.

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