Settlement Survival Mod v1.0.57 Download For Android
Settlement Survival Download For Android

Settlement Survival Mod v1.0.57 Download For Android

v1.0.57 by X.D. Network

You are the master-builder of your own town!

Name Settlement Survival Settlement Survival is the most famous version in the Settlement Survival series of publisher X.D. Network
Publisher X.D. Network
Genre Game
Version 1.0.57
Update July 21, 2024
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Settlement Survival APK

Settlement Survival is a city-building strategy game that challenges players to create and manage thriving settlements. Developed by Gleamer Studio and launching in 2021, City features a combination of classic management mechanics and modern gameplay elements that will appeal to both newcomers and veterans of the genre. The game promises an exciting experience as you go through various challenges of survival, growth and survival.

Settlement Survival Download For Android
Settlement Survival Download For Android

Gameplay in Settlement Survival APK latest version

Play in Settlement Survival is all about managing resources, expanding your settlement, and ensuring the well-being of your people. Here’s a breakdown of the main gameplay elements:

1.Resource Management

Resource management is the core of the game. Players must collect and distribute various resources such as food, wood, stone and iron to maintain and develop their habitat. This includes:

  • Food production: Farming, fishing and hunting are needed to increase the population.
  • Gathering Resources: Logging, mining, and quarrying are important for obtaining building materials and crafting items.
  • Trade: When resources are scarce, players can create trade routes to import essential goods.

2.Expansion and Construction

Players start from a small town and can gradually expand by building houses, workshops and other facilities.

  • Housing and population growth: Housing encourages population growth, which is important for the workforce.
  • Infrastructure: roads, bridges and storage facilities help improve efficiency.
  • Factory buildings: workshops, bakeries, and blacksmiths help turn raw materials into useful products.
Settlement Survival Download For Android 6

3.Challenges and Random Events

Players must also face various challenges and random events that threaten the stability of their habitat:

  • Natural disasters: Earthquakes, tornadoes, and droughts can disrupt and damage production.
  • Diseases: Diseases and illnesses can reduce your population if you don’t have enough health facilities.
  • Resource scarcity: Managing seasonal changes in food and resource availability requires careful planning.

4.Research and Development

As the city grows, players can invest in research to unlock new buildings, technologies and skills. An extensive technology tree, allowing you to specialize in different production chains and increase the efficiency of your village.

Settlement Survival Download For Android 2

Graphics and Sound

Graphics: The game has colorful, stylized visuals that are attractive and functional. Isometric perspective and detailed environments make it easy to navigate and manage the city. Each building and character has a unique cartoonish charm that adds to the lighthearted yet strategic atmosphere.

Sound: The sound design complements the gameplay well. The background music is soothing and changes dynamically based on the seasons and events in the game. The sound effects, from the bustling market to the clatter of wooden wagons, add depth to the atmosphere.

Settlement Survival Download For Android
Settlement Survival Download For Android

Features in Settlement Survival APK new version

  • Extensive tech tree
  • The tech tree offers dozens of advancements that can transform the development of your city. From agriculture and mining to medicine and education, each industry provides a unique way to refine and optimize your strategy.
  • Trading system
  • A trade system allows for the export of surplus goods and the import of scarce resources. Players can establish trade relations with other alliances, leading to potential alliances or rivalries.
  • Decentralization
  • Players can design their city with different decorations, landscape types and layouts. This feature allows each city to have a unique aesthetic that reflects the player’s personal style.
  • Events and challenges
  • Regular matches such as festivals, elections and vendor visits add dynamism and unpredictability to the game. Players also have to face challenges such as natural disasters and diseases.
  • Impressive map and biomes
  • Each map has a different biome, from temperate forests to arid deserts. These biomes affect resource availability, climate, and strategic priorities.

Pros and Cons – free download Settlement Survival APK 2024 for Android


  • Practical Resource Management: Available Resource Management Systems.
  • Vibrant Art Style: Attractive graphics that add depth to the atmosphere.
  • Dynamic challenges: Natural disasters and random events add excitement to the game.
  • Extensive Tech Tree: Allows for different strategies and replayability.
  • Trusted trade network: Provide strategic alliances and import/export relationships.


  • Learning curve: Some players may find resource management difficult at first.
  • UI Complexity: The user interface could be more intuitive, especially for new players.
  • Repetitive Late Game: As settlements grow, some players may experience repetitive gameplay.
Settlement Survival Download For Android
Settlement Survival Download For Android

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Settlement Survival successfully combines classic elements of city building games with a modern twist. The focus on strategic planning and the challenge of managing a growing population makes for an interesting and rewarding experience. Despite its few flaws, the game’s charm, depth, and replayability make it a strong recommendation for fans of the genre. If you like city building games with strategic resource management and dynamic challenges, Survival Settlement is worth a try. Colorful art style and deep gameplay mechanics provide hours of fun.

Settlement Survival Download For Android
Settlement Survival Download For Android


Q1: Why is Survival Multiplayer?

No, Settlement Survival is now a single player game. However, the developers are actively updating it and may add new features in future updates.

Q2: How long has it been since the last game?

Durability varies depending on your playstyle. A game can last anywhere from 10-40 hours depending on the speed of expansion and challenges encountered.

Q3: Can I pause the game?

Yes, the game offers a pause function and adjustable game speed, which allows players to manage their payouts according to their preferences.

In summary, Settlement Survival offers a lively and challenging city-building experience, and its blend of strategy, management, and survival mechanics make it a must-play for city-building enthusiasts.


1. Fixed some bugs


You are now ready to download Settlement Survival for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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Settlement Survival Download For Android
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