Simple Brawl APK v55.246 Free Download For Android 2024
Simple Brawl APK

Simple Brawl APK v55.246 Free Download For Android 2024

v55.246 by Supercell

Get into the action with Simple Brawl APK 2024! Battle it out with friends, unleash powerful moves and claim victory. Start brawling today!

Name Simple Brawl Simple Brawl is the most famous version in the Simple Brawl series of publisher
Publisher Supercell
Genre Action
Size 979 MB
Version 55.246
Update July 3, 2024
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Brief Introduction to Simple Brawl APK

Simple Brawl is an exciting mobile game that offers players the excitement of fast-paced 3v3 battles and an intense battle royale mode. Developed to be accessible yet challenging, Simple Brawl allows players to unlock and upgrade a diverse roster of characters, each bringing unique abilities and play styles to the battlefield. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, Simple Brawl offers an arena where strategy, teamwork and quick reflexes reign supreme.

Simple Brawl APK Free Download For Android

Design of Simple Brawl APK latest version

Simple Brawl is designed to create a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The game features vibrant graphics, colorful environments and well-animated characters that bring the world of Simple Brawl to life. The intuitive user interface ensures that players can easily navigate through menus, access various game modes and manage their character upgrades without any hassle. Character design is another highlight, with each character having a distinct look and personality that adds to the overall appeal of the game.

Simple Brawl APK MOD Free Download For Android

Feature Analysis in Simple Brawl APK new version

Simple Brawl is packed with features that keep players engaged and coming back for more. Here’s a closer look at some key features:

  • 3v3 Battles: The 3v3 mode is the heart of Simple Brawl, where players team up to compete in short, action-packed matches. The objective varies depending on the game mode, from obtaining objectives to defeating enemy teams.
  • Battle Royale Mode: For those who enjoy a more intense experience, Battle Royale mode offers a last-player-standing scenario. Players must navigate a shrinking map, collect power-ups and eliminate opponents to be the sole survivor.
  • Character Unlocks and Upgrades: Simple Brawl features a wide variety of characters, each with unique abilities. Players can unlock new characters through gameplay or in-game purchases and upgrade them to improve their stats and skills.
  • Events and Challenges: The game regularly organizes special events and challenges that offer exclusive rewards and add a new twist to the gameplay. These events keep the community engaged and provide additional goals for players to strive for.
  • Social and Competitive Play: Easy Brawl supports both casual and competitive play. Players can join clubs, participate in club wars, and climb the ranks in the competitive ladder to earn bragging rights and rewards.
Simple Brawl APK V55.246 Free Download

Community and Support – Download Simple Brawl  APK 2024 for Android

Simple Brawl has a vibrant and active community. Players can connect through in-game chat, forums and social media channels. The developers maintain a strong presence, regularly interacting with the community to gather feedback, release updates and resolve any issues. This level of support ensures that the game evolves according to player expectations and remains a fun and fair experience for everyone.

Simple Brawl APK V55.246 Free Download For Android

Pros and Cons

Like any game, Simple Brawl has its strengths and areas for improvement. Here’s a balanced look at the pros and cons:


  • Exciting Gameplay: Fast-paced and action-packed battles keep the adrenaline high.
  • Diverse Characters: A wide variety of characters with unique abilities adds depth and replayability.
  • Regular Updates: Constant updates and events keep the game fresh and exciting.
  • Active Community: A strong, supportive community enhances the entire experience.
  • Accessible Design: Intuitive controls and user-friendly design make it easy for newcomers to get into.
Simple Brawl APK Free Download For Android 2024


  • In-game purchases: Some players may find a dependency on in-game purchases for certain characters and upgrades flawed.
  • Matchmaking Issues: Occasionally, players may experience unbalanced matchmaking, leading to uneven battles.
  • Learning curve: While the game is accessible, mastering all the characters and strategies can be challenging for new players.

Gameplay and Features

Game modes
Simple Brawl APK offers several game modes, including:

Solo Battle: Compete against other players in free-for-all matches.
Team Battle: Join forces with friends to take on other teams.
Special Events: Participate in limited-time events with unique rules and rewards.
Characters and their abilities
The game features a diverse roster of characters, each with different abilities and playstyles. Players can choose characters to suit their preferred strategies, from fast-paced attackers to tactical defenders.

Simple Brawl APK V55.246 Free Download For Android

Levels and maps
With different levels and maps, Simple Brawl APK keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting. Each map has unique features and obstacles, encouraging players to adapt their tactics.

Controls and User Interface
The game has intuitive touch controls and a user-friendly interface. Players can customize their control settings to suit their preferences, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Graphics and sound design
Simple Brawl APK offers high-quality graphics and immersive sound design, creating an engaging and visually appealing environment for players.

Simple Brawl APK MOD Free Download For Android 2024


Summary of Key Points

Simple Brawl APK is a highly engaging multiplayer game that offers a rich gaming experience with its diverse characters, game modes and regular updates. Despite some challenges, it remains a favorite among mobile gamers.

Final Thoughts on Simple Brawl APK

With its constant updates and community engagement, Simple Brawl APK has cemented its place in the mobile gaming world. It is an excellent choice for those looking for an action-packed, strategic game.

Simple Brawl APK


Q1: How do I unlock new characters in Simple Brawl?

A: New characters can be unlocked through gameplay by earning Character Shards or by purchasing directly from the in-game store using currency or real money.

Q2: Can I play Simple Brawl with my friends?

A: Yes, you can team up with friends in 3v3 battles or join clubs to compete together in club battles.

Q3: Is Simple Brawl free to play?

A: Simple Brawl is free to download and play. However, it does offer in-app purchases for character unlocks, upgrades, and cosmetic items.

Q4: How often does Simple Brawl get updates?

A: The developers regularly release updates that include new characters, events, balance changes and other improvements based on community feedback.

Q5: What devices are compatible with Simple Brawl?

A: Simple Brawl is available on both iOS and Android devices. Check the game’s official website or app store page for specific device requirements.


Download ( 979 MB )

You are now ready to download Simple Brawl for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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